George Orwell’s dystopian novel is definitely something to question from a feminism perspective. Nineteen Eighty-Four is set in a totaltarian state where the working class dress and live the same and where most beings are set to be equal, unless you’re a prole or in the inner party. However, even though most things seem to […]

Raise the question of whether men andwomen are ‘essentially’ different becauseof biology, or are socially constructed asdifferent. “It was Mrs Parsons, the wife of a neighbour on the same floor” “A narrow scarlet sash, emblem of the Anti-Sex league, was wound several times round the waist of her overalls , just tightly enough to bring […]

Text A – The Soldier “There’s some corner of a foreign field that is forever England”. This quote creates the image of a field, perhaps a battlefield, somewhere in a foreign land that is not England. However, by saying that it is forever England, this indicates that maybe soldiers have died here, leaving a forever […]

It is early winter. The mornings have been overcome with minimum light, letting the creatures hide in the shadows. The crisp air bites aggressively against anything that dares being exposed, it shows no mercy. The frost sneakily rests itself upon the grass hiding what was ever so green and lively, like a misleading blanket. The […]

What do you think the most important factor in a persons upbringing is and why? I think that one of the most important factors in somebodies upbringing is their parents/ caregivers. As when you’re younger and you start to grow up and learn, parents/ caregivers are the people that would most likely spend the most […]

Character VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN – A GOTHIC PROTAGONIST Describe three key moments for Victor Frankenstein in the text. Explain why these moments were crucial to the development of his character. Support each moment with a quotation from the text.  His mothers passing 2. The guidance of professor M.Krempe of natural philosophy and profesor M.Waldman of chemistry […]

People constantly have the need to portray themselves as someone they’re not and therefore present a false image to the world. They do this so they can reach someone’s or something’s expectations, to make themselves feel better or they are just not comfortable showing people who they really are. In the classic novel The Great […]

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